Joy Gerrard solo show opens at Peer on Thurs 8th October 2015

Protest Crowd

Thursday 8 October to Saturday 21 November 2015

Protest Crowd, Yemen (2), ink on paper, 2012

Protest Crowd, Yemen (2), ink on paper, 2012

PEER - 97-99 Hoxton Street, London N1 6QL

Opening hours (during exhibitions): Wednesday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm

The primary focus of Joy Gerrard’s work in recent years has been the depiction of crowds. She makes small monochrome drawings, and more recently large paintings, of dense crowd scenes taken from newspaper and online images of mass urban protest. Viewed from above, from tall buildings or from news helicopters, Gerrard’s images present a topographical view of hordes of people contained within or spilling out of huge civic spaces in a kind of calligraphic active groundswell. Hundreds of intense, tiny brush marks draw the viewer into particular incident within the works, but equally, they are immediately recognisable – being derived from powerful images that have proliferated via the mass media of the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, mass actions across European cities, US inner city demonstrations and many others. These are all part of our recent history.

Artist's talk: Saturday 14 November at 4pm. Details will be announced shortly.

Artist's limited edition: To help raise funds for PEER, Joy Gerrard is producing a new limited edition. More information to follow shortly. 

Joy Gerrard awarded the inaugural Ortho Award

The ORTHO Award for a mid-career artist in any medium Awarded to Joy Gerrard for “Protest Crowd (Yemen 2015)”

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