A large reflective globe forms a centrepiece: a polished red 3 metre sphere suspended in the atrium. Attached to it hangs a 1.5 metre cluster of polished, reflective steel globes and a polished steel rod. The arrangement refers to the discursive relationship between multiple elements and their shared directions and trajectories. 
 It also suggests the linguistic relation between a formal utterance or statement and a less formal but related conversation. The institutional context is inferred, since the relationship might be that of lecture to seminar, thesis to antithesis, hypothesis to proof, axiom to theorem.
 The lower Atrium site, visible from the street outside, refers back to the conceptual themes of the main Atrium installation. 
 Comprising combinations of clustered, polished steel and glass balls and globes of different sizes and polished and painted steel bars, the relational system is more decentred and diverse. 
 Like students leaving their lecture rooms, these objects mingle and cross-refer with less formal order but a different kind of generative potential: perhaps more open and distributed, subject to greater perspectival combinations, undecided and democratic.
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